Following recent chats and discussions it is clear that sex education needs to be ramped up in schools. I find it baffling if not horrifying that this is even a ‘thing’. Who would want to put themselves through that kind of surgery for vanity?

We need to show real photos of genitals as part of sex education




Devon. Sorted.

Today was the last of 3 fortnightly visits to Devon. I’ve been to Barnstaple, Exeter and Torquay helping to run ¬†training courses for GP admin staff.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. There ARE things GP practices could be doing to encourage more women to come for their screening. The receptionists appeared very keen to try out some new ideas on how to increase screening rates in their own surgeries.

One surgery asked if I would write my story for them to include with non responder letters. A draft of this is currently with Public Health England to see if they will fund printing costs. A clear investment I would say as I must of cost the NHS thousands and thousands of pounds.

I’m really proud of what we have achieved. I really hope the training gets rolled out nationally. Receptionists are the front line. They are the ones who can say ‘I notice you are overdue your smear’ That comment may be just what someone needs to get it done.

I’m still not smoking (13 weeks) but have put on HEAPS of weight. Not sure if anti depressants are also playing a part in that too. Shedding some heft is definitely next on my list. Positive physio appointment….lots of pelvic floor work to do!

When everything is going so positively something generally comes along and kicks my legs out from under me. I’ve had my letter through for my next ‘arse’ check up. It’s been put at the bottom of a very large pile. Pretending, for now, that it’s not happening.