Busy Busy Busy

I’ve been busy with lots of fundraising/awareness stuff of late.

Following my post ‘What does a cancer patient look like?’ Jo’s asked me to write a guest blog on the same theme. The slightly different version of my post can be found here.


After I had spoken on the radio I got in touch with the South West Screening Manager who was also interviewed for the show. She invited me to share my story at some training sessions.These are taking place in April. I have also been invited to visit the laboratory where smear samples and biopsies are tested. I’m very excited about this.

Last Friday I did a double stint at my local Morrisons collecting for Marie Curie in my big daffodil hat . I collected £124.04 with another collection taking place this Friday. It’s  an easy and rewarding thing to do for such a worthwhile charity. Try it.

My local town is hosting it’s very first Relay for Life. I have joined the committee and am getting stuck in to various tasks to help the event be the best it can be. Hoping to go into local schools to give cancer awareness and prevention lessons. Committee members are invited to visit and see with their own eyes research taking place. So I’m off to another laboratory to see research first hand. Always loved science!

Hospital visits have thankfully been very absent from the calendar. Bladder and psyche are being monitored still, but generally pretty good physically and mentally.

Given up smoking (again) Never give up giving up!









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