Radio Interview.


Take bets on how many times I say ‘absolutely’ and ‘erm’ before you listen.

Really good coverage from Radio Somerset, with interview with NHSEngland as well.

25% of Somerset 25-29 year olds are not going for screening. This tallies with the fact that precancerous changes take approximately 10 years to turn to cancer and 40 is the peak age for diagnosis.

Caught at a precancerous stage the treatment is relatively minor, and cancer can be prevented.

As I say in the interview, I really do not know the answer to how we can  increase the number of women attending cervical screening other than talking about it.

So please talk. Tell others about what I’ve been through, ask your friends and family if they are up to date, offer to go with someone who is scared and save them a lot of heartache.

Link to interview here. My bit is around the 2hour 5 mark.




Well it is Panto season after all.

Well tra la la la and fiddle de dee

Fairy Godmother here with a message for thee.

When your letter arrives don’t throw it away!

Make my wish true and do as I say.

Book that appointment, I know it’s not fun

But five minutes later the job will be done.

Don’t put it off. I know it’s a bore

Like doing the ironing or mopping the floor

But those five minutes could save you strife

Heavens to Betsy it could save your LIFE

So grant me this wish, make it come true

Go for your smear test and tell your friends too.