Paying my debts.

Today was results meeting at Bath. With the power of Facebook memories this time last year I received a call from Nick saying ‘no cancer found’ following my partial vaginectomy. This time 3 years ago I was apparently losing my sanity at 4.30am ready for a CT tomorrow!

Of course I already knew the most important thing. That whatever it was that was causing my bleeding wasn’t cancer. This knowledge means you can waft into your meeting with a relaxed and chilled attitude, bearing festive gifts and treats, and pay off gambling debts. It also means you can take your son along too so he can shake the hand of the man who saved his mum’s life. Safe in the knowledge that it’s all going to be good.

A few days ago I got the copy of the letter between hospital and GP. It states that the bleeding was coming from a patch of inflammation that has occurred at the site of previous surgery. Very unusual apparently, but there you go. I’m getting used to being unusual. It’s been removed, it may return it may not. The letter also states that my vulva and anus ‘are perfect’ Excellent news!!

Nick shows me some fascinating pictures taken while I was under, of the aforementioned bits and pieces but also of the inside of my bladder.

My bladder is clean as a whistle cancer wise but very ‘irritable’. He gives me some advice on what to do to cheer it up and calm it down.

I think my bladder and I need to do exactly the same thing in 2017!!!





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