Letter to ITV

Dear ITV

The timing of this interview was possibly not the best for me personally. I was sat quietly recovering from my 5th surgery for HPV related cancers and precancers.

That aside, I felt the use of a ‘celebrity’ to voice concerns about such an important topic reckless and hugely irresponsible.

As I have witnessed across social media in the following week many mothers are now choosing not to vaccinate their daughters. Ms Messenger’s comments have created panic and the number of women supporting her ‘hunch’ is frightening.

This was a far too important discussion to give to ‘mother with a hunch’ This subject needs to be revisited with a longer time slot and tempered with evidence of what the vaccine is actually trying to prevent; a hideous disease in terms of both fatality and treatment.

I know This Morning has been very supportive of promoting Cervical Cancer prevention and awareness weeks and I hope this continues.

I also hope that the, in my opinion, totally irresponsible, section does not directly cause a rise in cancer in the future. What a legacy for a television programme that would be.

Yours faithfully,


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