HPV Vaccine

So today Melinda Messenger decides with her wealth of medical expertise to go on prime daytime show This Morning to scaremonger about the HPV vaccine.


She came across very poorly, her stature, demeanour, and overall effect showed she was completely out of her depth.

Her ‘source’ turned out to be some crackpot Americain institute that believes sex education should banned and abstinence is the only way.

How very, very dangerous that she used her waning minor celebrity status to put the fear of God into parents of teenage girls.

Millions and I mean millions of doses of this vaccine have been administered. There are apparently 300 girls who claim to have had serious side effects due to the vaccine. None of the cases have a PROVEN link. So their issues may be due to the vaccine or may of just happened anyway.

Nearly a 1000 women a year die in the UK every year from cervical cancer. Add that to all the other cancers HPV causes in men and women. And let’s not forget the ones who don’t die but are left with the hideous side effects of the treatment they undertook to save their lives.

The ultimate decision to vaccinate is yours. But when you are left looking after your grandchildren because your daughter died from cervical cancer just remember you had the chance to prevent it.


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