Lost a £1

So today back to RUH I go.

Amazing company for the journey. Even if I wasn’t allowed to look at the sparkly lights! Toddlers eh?

Get there late, but that worked out pretty well because as soon as I got there feet didn’t really touch the ground.

Meet with Nick. Gave him a bit of a hard time. He asks if I want the patch of abnormal skin that he saw last time to be removed and grafted while I’m under as well as the other investigations. Not sure if he did do that….one to find out later.

Tell him to stop being obsessed with this abnormal skin and just find out if I’m riddled with recurrence. Place small wager with him that the blood is coming from my bladder.

I think the word is assertive. Others may call it neurotic.

Wonderful porter who  I’d met before. I’d mentioned him in general complimentary email to chief executive before but had not known his name so had to give vague description. He confirmed the feedback had reached him and I was really pleased about that.

Super, wonderful anaesthetic nurse. Just superb. Lovely drugs!

Nick comes to see me in recovery. My bladder is clear, as is my rectum, but has removed patch of inflammation from within the ‘dimple’. The bit that’s left of my vagina. This ‘dimple’ has been referred to as many things. Apparently it has no medical name. Dimple is by far my favourite in some rather grim alternatives.

Offers to show me some pictures. I agree to look but I don’t think he did, was just coming round, so if he did I can’t remember.

Taken to ward. Side room with ensuite! If room progression carries on like this I’ll have gold taps and a jacuzzi next time.

Lovely visit from aforementioned ODP friend, rocking her scrubs.


A game of matching princess pairs with a happier toddler, who has forgiven me to dare comment on the twinkly lights.

Visit from Jane. Give her a big hug. She says whilst nothing can ever be certain what has been removed is not believed to be sinister.

Back in for Pathology results on 22nd December and to give Nick his  quid…..and maybe some mince pies.

Oh and Vera is 3 years old today. Happy Birthday Vera!!








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