A picture speaks a 1000 words.

and gets things moving it would appear.

Long chat with Jane yesterday. Explained that Nick loses two days of surgery over Christmas, but she will try and get me in earlier.

Talk about what it might or might not be. Talk about what might or might not happen if it turns out to be what it might or might not be!

Tells me I’ll know by today if she can get me in earlier.

Phone call this morning telling me I’m going in on 12th December with pre op next week.

In 2013 I went to the GP on 10th December. This started this whole nonsense off. Last year I had surgery on 11th December. That is pretty bonkers.

About 3 hours after that call I got a message to tell me one of my oldest friends and my son’s godmother fiancĂ© died very unexpectedly yesterday.

Life is kind of unbelievable at the moment.

Keep shaking my head in the hope everything will reset.



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