It’s not over til it’s over.


Today is 3 months since my op. I won’t lie it’s been tough going. Mentally it’s been a struggle. But I’ve dusted myself off and cracked on because life goes on.

I’ve been to the GP and tied up loose ends. Have been seeing a wonderful woman at St Margaret’s hospice who has diagnosed my lymphodema and sorted me out with some tights and taught me lymphatic drainage. Whilst she confirmed the swollen bits of my legs are lymphodema she concluded that my belly is just fat!

All ticking along quite nicely until I had an episode of bleeding. Let the hospital know and they said it was most likely scar tissue but come and get it checked out. By the time I went on Wednesday I’d had a total of 4 separate episodes of bleeding.

I sat in the waiting room thinking I’d be wasting everyone’s time. I’ve ┬áhad a bleed previously following op number 3, and it was scar tissue.

Long story short, it’s not scar tissue. But we don’t know what it is. There’s also another patch of abnormal skin. I wasn’t the best patient. After hearing ‘it’s not scar tissue……saw a patch of abnormal skin’ after a really painful exam my brain did a complete freeze. I proclaimed my pissoffedness and scarpered. There is a massive part of me that would like to run off into the sunset, take my chances, and to hell with the consequences. Trust me.

The upshot of this is that I’m back in January for an examination under anaesthetic to find out where the blood is coming from.

The fact that they are happy to wait until Januaty to get me in has reassured me a bit……I think.

it just seems like it I never seem to catch a break.

Going to try my very best to put it all to the back of my mind over Christmas, and unfortunately take the story forward into 2017.