It’s over.

Today I was discharged from Bath.

I was a snivelling mess.

The last 2 and 3/4 years have been a  fucking nightmare that I now want to move on from.

Ive lost so much along the way, so, so much. I’ll need to come to terms with that.

But I’ve gained so much too. Things that will stay with me forever.

I know I’ve tested some people to the limits of their patience, love and friendship.

I know I’ve been a royal fucking pain in the arse.

I know that if you are my friend today you probably will be forever.

So now, I need to grieve. Give myself permission to drop the humourous facade. Feel my loss and recover.

I’ll be doing that in private.

Sharing my story here has helped me immensely, but this is over too.

So, all that’s left to say is





No cancer found.

So, just had a call. Having just finished a conversation with a friend worrying that lack of call meant bad news!

‘No cancer found’

This is obviously good news. I was told that finding cancer was highly unlikely but great to have it confirmed.

Physically im doing well.

Mentally I’m struggling.

Bracing myself for the ‘goodbye’ tomorrow.

Just how do you say thank you enough?