Last night…..

I got a phone call from Jane at about 6 o’clock. I’d sent an email in the morning confirming that I was decided to go for vaginectomy without construction and could she let me know dates when she knew.

She offered Thursday or if I couldn’t do that Monday 5th September. Bearing in mind next Monday is bank holiday, they are moving incredibly quickly. Which is great if a little….ok…..very unnerving. Nick did ask last Friday when I wanted it done and I replied ‘this afternoon’ so be careful what you wish for.

I managed to sort out everything in about an hour. Pressure suits me, waiting around worrying doesn’t.

I know tomorrow will be spent up at the hospital with pre op, I’m then staying overnight with a friend near there who will take me in Thursday morning. So today is the day for washing, tidying, changes beds, ready for recovery.

With this level of organisation you’d think I’d done this before….










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