Living the dream….kind of.

16 years ago I was dropped off by taxi at Sydney airport. On that journey I chatted with the taxi driver about how I didn’t want to leave. It was my second visit to Australia, and I had fallen head over heels in love with it. I made a promise, as I crossed the harbour bridge that if I ever returned a third time I would never leave.

Returning to the UK I made a 10 year plan. I found it in a notebook while moving (hoarder? Moi? ) My plan was as follows; live in Dorset, have chickens, be a head teacher of a special needs school.

I haven’t achieved any of that, but I’m pretty close to the Dorset border,have a special needs son who I home school, and I don’t really want chickens anymore, the dog is far more fun.

Why it’s taken me 16 years to have the courage to move proper rural I don’t know. Fear, family pressure, expectation?? Who knows. But I knew what kind of life I wanted and I’m moving ever closer to getting it.

Follow your dreams…..before it’s too late.