I am immensely proud of my peers this week. Between us we have banged the drum on local, regional and national media all in the name of raising awareness. I’m planning on doing a round up of all our appearances tomorrow for the final day of cervical cancer prevention week (Yes the spamming will stop tomorrow!)

Today’s post is a one I’ve deliberated about for a bit. But I really think she would approve. I have alluded to Mandy before in this blog but never named her. I met Mandy through the Jo’s Trust forum. Such a valuable resource to meet women going through the same as you.



Diagnosed just weeks before me she was also Stage 2.  Yesterday I mentioned that my commitment to raising awareness may be a way to lessen my regrets of not going for my own smear test. But actually I think there is a fair bit of survivors guilt mixed in with it too.


Just over a month after posting this Mandy had died.

So today this post is dedicated to Mandy.

If this post doesn’t make you book a smear I really don’t know what will.



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