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9 thoughts on “#ccpw

  1. Me Julie also stupid. Complete lack of awareness on my part. Nobody ever explained importance of testing to me. All the years of going to the Drs for other things like flu not one ever asked me about screening. I didn’t even know what HPV was. First time I heard of it was when my daughter came home with a consent form for the jab. – not realizing that I had HPV and probably cancer then too. Unfortunately lived in South Africa and never got letters etc for reminders . Moved to oz 8 yrs ago and was supposed to be getting reminders but never did. Visited the Drs over the years with classic symptoms of constant “bladder infections” which I know now weren’t and watery discharge which I was told some woman have more discharge than others and was sent on my way. I felt hundreds so never worried. So I grew a 6cm tumour. I am 46yrs old with 2 young teenagers . Oh and I went to uni etc and still so stupid. Lack of awareness totally appalling – heard of Hiv breast cancer etc etc etc but no one told me about HPV .. I’m so fucken angry . By God I know everything now when it’s too late .

      • Julie I’m so sorry to hear how low you are feeling. Is there anyone you can talk to. Have you tried McMillan or Jo’s trust helpline. Both are great. I really hope you get to find some small bits of light and joy in your days. xxx

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