#ccpw 7

Phew…what a week.

I hope with all the publicity it has received cervical cancer prevention week proves to be a great success. Let’s see many ‘smear dodgers’ finally go and get themselves sorted out.

I’ve seen posts from doctors surgeries offering out of hours extra clinics. I’ve seen celebrities smearing their lipstick. I read many tweets and posts from many people and organisations backing the campaign and adding their support.

Thanks to Jo’s I am in contact with a few other ladies who have also had cervical cancer. Between us we have supplied stories for National (Channel 5 news/Good morning Britain) Regional (Look North/Points West/BBC Radio Wiltshire) and Local (Wiltshire Gazette and Herald) There may be more ….. I’m sure they will let me know.

Earlier in the year one of the girls, along with the help of a film student made this very poignant and evocative film. She manages to express many of the real feelings that surround a diagnosis. It’s 5 minutes long. It’s really worth a look.



I’ve been back and forward to docs. I’ve been having some quite significant bladder issues and an infection has been ruled out. I’m due a blood test and have been referred back to RUH for them to check everything is ok…..so much for my 6 month check up!

We are also moving house. Just before my op in December my landlady told us what we already knew …. that she was putting the house on the market in the New Year. I ignored that news until the op was over, but we have now found somewhere new to live and move in a few weeks time. It is one step closer to the home I have always dreamed of………….

Will hopefully be back soon with good news re bladder, until then, enjoy not being spammed by me!




I am immensely proud of my peers this week. Between us we have banged the drum on local, regional and national media all in the name of raising awareness. I’m planning on doing a round up of all our appearances tomorrow for the final day of cervical cancer prevention week (Yes the spamming will stop tomorrow!)

Today’s post is a one I’ve deliberated about for a bit. But I really think she would approve. I have alluded to Mandy before in this blog but never named her. I met Mandy through the Jo’s Trust forum.¬†Such a valuable resource to meet women going through the same as you.



Diagnosed just weeks before me she was also Stage 2.  Yesterday I mentioned that my commitment to raising awareness may be a way to lessen my regrets of not going for my own smear test. But actually I think there is a fair bit of survivors guilt mixed in with it too.


Just over a month after posting this Mandy had died.

So today this post is dedicated to Mandy.

If this post doesn’t make you book a smear I really don’t know what will.


#ccpw 5

I could apologise for spamming peoples news feeds with my antics for cervical cancer prevention week……I could….but I won’t! It reminds me of the one and only time I was suspended from school. I wasn’t allowed back until I apologised for calling my form tutor lazy and inept. (He was) Guided by my Dad I wrote a letter apologising for the manner my opinion was delivered but not the content.


So my lovely readers, I apologise for the overload but not the message.

It’s difficult to get across just how foolish one feels when diagnosed with a very preventable disease. Maybe my commitment to raising awareness is in some way to compensate for my own stupidity.

I don’t beat myself up about it. What’s done is done. I won’t be the first or last person to have made a less than sensible choice in their life.

I do try to think how can I persuade people who have been dodging their smear for years to go. I was dodging through the Jade Goody years and even that high profile death didn’t make me go. If anyone has any ideas on that do let me know.

This morning I went on live breakfast radio. Spread the message and handled getting called stupid by the presenter. He had a point.


imageListen on iplayer if your heart desires. I actually pretty proud of it.


My dulcet tones can be heard at 1 hour and 36 minutes in.







#ccpw 2



I met Frankie at the Jo’s Lets Meet last year. She was another speaker at the event and we helped each other calm our nerves the night before. Frankie had a radical trachelectomy, a reasonably new procedure that allows women to go on to conceive and carry a baby. Not all women are suitable due to their stage of disease, but it’s a chance of hope for many young, childless women who get diagnosed.


Great work Frankie.