Another tough week waiting for results. Never gets easier.

No malignancy found but multi focal VAIN3.

Speaking to a friend earlier I came up with an analogy which I will share here to try and explain what that means.

My vaginal wall is the roof…bear with me…..

Water is the precancerous cells.

The roof has 3 layers.

When the water finally invades the 3 layers it becomes a problem, obviously, by flooding your house. (Cancer)

VAIN 1 is the water penetrating 1 layer of roof, Vain 2, 2 layers ……well you get the idea.

Last time I had VAIN3 they stuck the equivalent of a tarpulin up. A relatively quick and easy fix which we hoped would solve the problem. It didn’t.

This time I’m having all the old tiles ripped off and fixed back up again.

This is called a partial vaginectomy. Its pretty grim, but not as grim as a total vaginectomy and not I’m not hugely looking forward to it funnily enough. Its a fairly large op. 2 hours in theatre and 2 to 3 days in hospital. God knows how long I’ll be off the bike.

But, but, but, the hideous, gut wrenching, sweat inducing, WAITING for results is over.


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