North, East, South, West

Wiltshire, Surrey, Manchester, Leeds, Surrey, Wiltshire………Done.

What a great weekend. Went along to Jo’s Trust Let’s Meet event in Manchester this weekend and it was a very valuable weekend.

If you have ever donated money to Jo’s then you helped make this possible. Thank you.

There was a fantastic keynote presentation by a Consultant from the Marsden who had a special interest in HPV. ┬áBrilliant professional led workshops covering a wide range of topics; sex, fertility, relationships, menopause, pelvic radiation damage. Topics that if you hadn’t been through cervical cancer and treatment you may not have understood the relevance of them. Apart from the professionals there were the women there who had been through their own cancer ‘adventure’. Hearing other’s stories was equally as valuable. There were a handful of men there too, who had their own workshop where they had a space to talk about what it was like from their point of view. Invaluable stuff.

I had been invited to speak along with two other ladies and even though I say so myself we did a cracking job.

New friends were made, ‘old’ friends met for the first time, and friends no longer with us remembered.

Looking forward to next year already.


Let’s Meet 2015

I have been invited to share my story at Jo’s Trust Let’s Meet event in Manchester this weekend.

If you are going I’ll see you there!

Be gentle with me.