Carry on scanning..

Most of you will know the scene from the Carry on film where Barbara Windsor loses her bikini top. Keep that image in mind whilst reading!

Yesterday I had my 4th MRI. My opinion of MRI’s is not a secret. I find them hideously claustrophobic. The last one I had prior to yesterday’s resulted in a radiographer having to come in and hold my hand throughout.

Whilst I was waiting for my appointment to come through a friend told me she had fallen asleep during hers. Utter unbelievable madness to my ears. But she explained that at the time she had young children and she saw it as an opportunity to lay down and have a relax! Im guessing that the fact that it wasn’t for a Cancer investigation made the whole process less stressful as well.

So back to yesterday.

I knew there was no Cancer found on my CT. I had the slightest niggle that something could still show up on my MRI, but I went in with the correct mindset of ‘they are finding out what is wrong with my back’ The appointment was at 8.20 am and I was the first one of the day.

‘Do you have a pacemaker?


A dozen more questions, my least favourite

‘How much do you weigh?’

My favourite always being

‘Do you have any metal implants?’

‘Yes I have Titanium in my fanny and not a lot of people can say that’

‘Ok. I’ll write titanium in pelvis’

Usually for an MRI I’ll wear leggings, t shirt and a jumper with no bra underneath. Then you can just go in with your leggings and t shirt on and not change into a gown. Yesterday’s combination of an early, rushed, disorganised start coupled with a really hot day saw me in linen trousers, floaty top and a bra.

We go into the scanning room. Lovely and cool with the noise of the machine doing its thing. He asks if I have a bra on and tells me to pop behind the scanner to slip it off. I don’t go behind the scanner but to the end of it, out of view enough to protect my modesty (which quite frankly no longer exists in a hospital setting) I undo my bra, slip the shoulder straps off and it disappears!

The magnets have sucked my amply scaffolded brassiere into the scanner. Guy comes back in to find me peeling my bra off the inside of the scanner with one hand and trying to cover my boobs with the other.

Eventually get down to the proper business. I reflected on my friends words and, don’t laugh, had been practising my MRI position! What freaks me out is if any part of my body touches the sides. Or if I open my eyes at any point. So I practised in bed! Laying super still, arms above my head, as narrow as could be. It worked. Good old Fleetwood Mac provided the soundtrack and it all went along ok. I think falling asleep would be pushing it, but I could probably stretch to mildly tense!

I then left the hospital and had a situation with a dog (not mine) shut in a hot car, police, drama, anger, threats of arrest, etc etc…’s another story but not for here.

Today I got my results from the MRI. It’s a slipped disc. This rather long chapter has ended. I won’t write about the treatment for it here. This is the Cancer story.

See you all in 3 months?? Xx


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