There’s a bit of a stigma about cervical cancer and HPV. It’s pretty well accepted now that the vast majority of cervical cancer is caused by HPV. HPV is spread by sexual contact. It’s worth pointing out that it’s skin to skin contact thst spreads it opposed to fluids, therefore condoms may reduce your risk but certainly not eliminate it.

HPV is incredibly common (75% of sexually active people will have it at some point) and has no symptoms. To add to its trickery it can lay dormant for years.

If you liken it to the common cold, the vast majority of people will clear it from their system. However some will be particularly susceptible to its effects and their immune systems cannot clear it. In my case I’m sure my smoking and years of chronic stress were definately a factor in that.

I can safely say I have slept with more than one man. But the likelihood is that you, dear reader have too. I read an interesting article the other day whose headline was ‘cheating husbands blamed for spike in cervical cancer cases’. I don’t have a husband so can’t blame him!

The thing is, sex isn’t dirty. Sex is how you and I came to be here. Sex is an intimate act of love.  Sex is, go on admit it, bloody good fun!

So. If you want to avoid cervical cancer don’t ever have sex. Likewise if you never want be in a car accident never get in a car.

Cervical cancer is caused by a sexually transmitted infection. An infection that 7 out of 10 people have had.

We don’t need to be ashamed of that.


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