Results. Vain 2 and just signs of HPV on anus, maybe some ain 1 lurking around but not worried about it. Very pleased re arse! No ‘arse guy’ for me!!


Vain is slap bang in the middle of mild and severe.

Offered laser excision under general.

Haven’t taken it. The only definitive cure I’ve been told is a total vaginectomy. In my consultants words ‘it’s a really grim ¬†operation that I don’t want to do’

The other option is to cut buts out/laser bits off every 6 months.

Ive heard from women who have done this for YEARS and have still got Cancer. My consultant says, for me, the chances of this turning into Cancer is 2% year on year. Less than the chance of my cervical cancer recurring.

So. I’ve decided not to have treatment this time. I will go back for this in 6 months and if it has worsened will reasess my options.

Now just got CT to do and we can all get back to normal life again!


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