Quick version.

Today I had an anal biopsy. It hurt. A lot. Afterwards my Mac nurse asked how it felt.

‘Like someone pinching a lump of your anus out with a pair of metal tweezers’

Which is uncanny as that is exactly what it entails.

I also had a vaginal biopsy. The smear test I had a couple of weeks ago was a complete waste of time it would appear. That showed mild precancerous changes however today I was told it looked severe changes, biopsy will show definitive result.

He thinks both anal and vaginal biopsies will show severe changes but does not think either will be Cancer.

CT scan booked because I’m convinced cervical cancer has spread. He’s happy to book a scan to hopefully put my mind at rest.

Back next week to discuss results and treatment options and meet my ‘arse guy’ because arses don’t come under gynea.

Thats the short version of events.


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