Fannies and Arses.

Phone call this morning from Mac nurse. Result is good news as far as they are concerned. No cancer found, just mild pre cancerous abnormalities. When you look at it like that I suppose it’s pretty good news!

Maybe offered some chemotherapy cream for it, will discuss further next week. Cream sounds pretty grim.

I have self diagnosed myself with Lichen Sclerocus. Yeah, yeah I know. I’m not a doctor. But all symptoms match and the cream they gave me last week is the treatment for it. So not a knee jerk Google reaction.

The thing is with LS is it can sometimes be confused with vulval cancer and also increases risk of vulval cancer. The only way to have a definitive diagnosis is for a biopsy.

No prizes for guessing what I’m having done next week! They will inject me with local anaesthetic and take a bit out to send to the labs. I’ve been warned it’ll be sore.

Its a little confusing as the perineum comes under the vulva for some things and under the anus for others. Not really sure if this matters in the great scheme of things!


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