Goodish Badish news.

Ok so today I got my vault smear results. I got them off the GP during a telephone call that had been scheduled for a while. Currently a 4 week wait to see ‘my’ GP.

She readily admits that she is not ‘up’ on VAIN. Why would she be? It’s pretty rare, and recurrence of it rarer. But she told me what I needed to know, which is that it is an abnormal result of mild dyskrosis.

As I think I’ve explained before, I can’t get cervical cancer again as I have no cervix! What I can get is a reoccurrence elsewhere in my body. These reoccurrences are pretty bad news. Recurrent cervical cancer has a pretty bad prognosis. Here’s something you might not know, cos I didn’t, if you say had…… ohhh which cancer shall we choose….cervical cancer and it spread to your bones this would be called recurrent cervical cancer not bone cancer. Anyway I digress.

You can get central recurrence or distant recurrence. Central is better news prognostically. This means it will return in your cervix (if you didn’t have it removed) your vagina, your vulva , your anus or your pelvis. Distant is bones, liver, lungs.

Cancer of the vagina, vulva, cervix and anus usually follows a linear pattern. You start with precancerous cells which change snd grow over time into invasive cancer

In in october of last year I had the highest grade of precancerous cells cut out of my vagina.  This was followed by an all clear in February.

Today’s result shows I have the lowest grade of precancerous cells in my vagina. So it would appear that something is quite determined to set up home in my fanny.

So as my friend said ‘goodish, Badish news’

Back into hospital next week to discuss results and treatment plan.

And to have another look at my perineum. Nice day out!

I’ m still waiting for a reply from Cancer Resesrch Uk who I emailed last week asking how and why their website has slashed 25-30% off the stage 2, 5 year survival statistics.


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