Aloe Vera Juice.

Picture had to be removed. Upset someone. Hey ho. I’ll type out the post when I’ve got the time.

I’ve steered away from writing about this subject. Even now I feel I need to add some sort of disclaimer. I do not wish to offend anyone but it’s something I need to get off my chest.

Today a brave lady had a rant on A facebook cervical cancerforum. She vented about how irritating she found people who tried to shove ‘natural cures’ down her throat.

It’s been a good while since my diagnosis but I remember well my inbox being flooded with ‘suggestions’ for super foods, supplements etc from well meaning friends and family.

I know their intent was good. But it was at best annoying and at worst upsetting. At a time when you seem to have a season ticket at the hospital to be told that eating a certain type of (insert food type of choice here) would ‘help’, quite frankly didn’t.

The brave ladies post descended, as these things do, into a flurry of ‘ah but my aunties sisters budgies nephew was cured by burying a shiny penny at noon on last Friday of a lunar eclipse’

I worked in a health food shop many moons ago. One of our best sellers was Rescue Remedy. A little brown bottle with a glass pipette with extracts from different plants that you matched to your ‘ailment’. Customers swore by it. It calmed their nerves. They bought many different varieties. The main ingredient of Rescue Remedy? Brandy. Buy a bottle of brandy and plant a tree I’m sure it will bring you more joy!

It breaks my heart to hear friends (and I’m painfully aware that some of you will be reading this) paying out their money for ‘cures’. I hope they work and I hope you are not being manipulated by a marketing ruse fuelled by fear.

The next point is religion. I’m still undecided about my thoughts on God. That’s ok. I know many people prayed for me and I’m thankful. But please don’t tell me to pray. Don’t tell me that if I believe in God everything will be ok. I will make my own mind up thank you.

So, I felt I had to respond in some way to this conversation on the forum. My response is above. People seemed to like it!

Cancer is cancer. It can be prevented (and boy don’t I beat myself up over that one) and it can be cured; sometimes.

I have found my way through and I hope in the process I’ve not TOLD anyone what to do to get them through theirs. Please offer me the same.

Maybe you are right and I am the cynical one.


One thought on “Aloe Vera Juice.

  1. Not cynical at all. I had an army of people suggesting all sorts of diets that would cure cancer. The nuttier end of the spectrum suggested that I should eschew mainstream treatment and focus on drinking apple cider vinegar and following a vegan/organic/sugar free diet. I consulted a nutritionist, who while very knowledgeable inadvertently scared me into eating barely nothing in my first two weeks of treatment. I was so worried about eating the ‘wrong’ foods and so turned off all the right foods but the combination of poisons pumped into my body meant I didn’t fancy the right ones either!

    The result was that my weight plummeted to 7 1/2 stone and it was strongly suggested by my treatment team that I eat “anything” in order to be able to continue my treatment to the end. That’s not to say a good diet won’t help. The nutrition plan is now the basis of my healthy eating plan and I do believe a balanced healthful diet is invaluable in keeping a body (esp one that has been through what ours has been) strong.

    Telling people with cancer that not eating sweets will ‘cure’ them is misleading and can have the unintended effect of making them doubt the veracity of the claims made by their oncologist.

    As you pithily put it – Cancer is cancer. It can be prevented and it can sometimes be cured. Not by avoiding haribos though xx

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