True words.


Good News!

Yesterday afternoon I got ‘The Call’ from Jane my Macmillan nurse. NO CANCER FOUND. All vaginal biopsy results showed VaIN 3, vulval and anal biopies clear.

I’m immensely thankful she cut short my wait by 20 hours. The waiting is the worst. Waiting for appointments, waiting for treatment or scans, then waiting for results. Life, despite good intentions, gets put on hold.

I’m struck by how my perspectives have had to change. For many getting a diagnosis of VaIN 3 or it’s far more common cervical counterpart CIN 3 is a major blow. Of course it’s not great news but I can live with it (or without it currently because it’s all been removed) It appears to be a tricky customer and is likely to return, but I have confidence that my great team at RUH will keep a close eye on me and nip any problems in the bud….pun intended!

Because of the call I was given the choice if I wanted to still go to hospital today. I had a couple of niggly things as a result of the Op so decided I would keep my appointment for my own peace of mind. Also I wanted to deliver a gift to the team. Great fun was had making these last night!!


They seemed to go down well!

So that’s that for this little section of the ride. Hopefully I will have nothing to report until my next 3 monthly check……..there’s a little something in the pipeline, which if it comes off I will share here, but other than that life gets back to normal for 3 months at least!