Surgery 27.10.2014

Well. That was easy!

I had only ever had two operations before this; a caesarean and a radical hysteresctomy. Both of those left me in huge amounts of pain and unable to walk. Today’s was sooo different. Half an hour later I was up and ready to go! Result.

I’m not EXACTLY sure what’s been done as I haven’t had a chance to speak to Mr Johnson yet. But everyone says he is the Master, all round nice bloke, gifted, highly respected etc etc. Maybe they say that to all patients about all the surgeons. They are hardly going to say ‘Oh Mr Bloodbath, nevermind!’

I don’t remember being told I was about to be put under. Obviously all the cannulas and stuff go in so you know it’s imminent but all I can remember is saying ‘Ohhhh have you given me something nice?’ …..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I think I was in theatre about 45 minutes.

Taken to the eye department to recover!!! Slightly confusing!!!! All lovely staff. Tea and Toast and off home.

Slightly sore, but that is it. Very happy bunny.

Now all the tissue has to be sent to pathology and I get my results 6th November.


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