Waiting Game.

So I’m playing the waiting game. It’s not my favorite game.

I had my check up last Friday. This consisted of an ultrasound externally and internally and then a further internal examination by my Macmillan Nurse. The area of fluid that had been seen at previous ultrasounds couldn’t be found. They managed to find my left ovary and and except for a small cyst (pretty standard) all looked good.

Then I had the trans vaginal ultrasound and it hurt. Not a little uncomfortable, it was bloody painful. She poked and prodded away apologising for hurting me then sent me back to the waiting room for me to wait for my appointment with Jane.

We had a quick chat, (Ok I had a quick cry) and just as I thought I was good to go she said ‘We had better have a look at you’ I am getting totally fed up of people poking, prodding and looking up my fanny.

Long story short. She took two biopsies. There was tissue on my cuff that could be granulation tissue but wanted to take biopsies. Hurt like hell.

Saturday I went for my 6 monthly MRI on my back. 3 Valium didn’t really help and had to have a radiographer come and hold my hand throughout. Seriously considering asking for an open MRI next time.
So that’s it folks, tomorrow I get my results.
Not sure I can do this every 3 months!


2 thoughts on “Waiting Game.

  1. Thanks Jane. It was great to read something personal about VaIN on an internet trawl of rather dry medical trials! I love poetry too so it was a double bonus. Really glad you are 2.5 years clear. Here is probably not the place for a full on conversation about our respective vagina’s! Be great if you got in touch. julia37julia@hotmail.com. Happy Writing!

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