6 months

Quick before midnight!! 6 months today since my op.

Had my rescan today after the fluid that was found at my 3 month check up. Consultant not worried. Thinks it’s probably an ovarian cyst and I’m back to 3 monthly surveillance. That term does make me smile. Like I am a member of a terrorist cell.

My scan appointment was on time but I then had to wait an hour and a half to see the Consultant. It was Russ today, who was the one who iriginally gave me the ‘yes you’ve got cancer’ news.

He called me from the waiting room and then said ‘come on down’ to the consulting room. He asked if I remembered the TV show where contestants were asked to ‘come on down’ . ‘Ah the price is right’ I say. ‘Today the prizes are remission or reoccurrence ‘ I was congratulated on my dark sense of humour.

I find it kind of impossible to take it seriously. They are going to tell you good news or bad news and there is very little you can do about it.

What I am taking seriously however is my life. In the 6 months since my Op I’ve made some huge changes in my life. It’s totally focused me to what is important and what REALLY matters and what REALLY makes me happy.

We talked about the chances of it coming back. That possibility is always there. I said that as my tumour was so close to my bladder I’ve been looking at survival rates for stage 2 and stage 4 and splitting the difference! I tried to press him for percentages but he said cancer research uk had the most accurate statistics. He did say that because I hadn’t had radiotherapy my chances of reoccurrence were higher but I knew that already. I think the 10% chance of reoccurrence was a tad optimistic though.

I was told today I can fly if I take precautions. After a meal out with my son to celebrate the good news we have been pricing up round the world tickets!

What an education that would be!