Busy day

Today I was interviewed by Darren Little of Sky News. It was a report into finding out why women avoid/delay their smear tests. It goes out on air this Sunday. If one woman books their smear test on the back of it I’m happy.

Tomorrow is my son’s 13th birthday. When I was first diagnosed just under 6 months ago I seriously wondered if I would be around for it.

It’s easy to forget now just how petrified I was. On the Jo’s Trust forum there are women who are waiting for results or have just been told they have been diagnosed. They are all as petrified as I was.

Cervical cancer diagnosis is at an all time high, whilst screening figures are at an all time low. The point I made in my interview is that screening should be far more accessible and far more readily spoken about. Breast cancer is very much in the public eye but cervixes and fannies lack the media appeal!!! I raised the possibility of nurses going into workplaces and doing a ‘job lot’ a bit like when we all queued up for our BCG’s all those years ago.


2 thoughts on “Busy day

  1. Please, please keep on blogging – it really does make me smile. So many of the things you experienced resonate with me completely as I have gone through CC being diagnosed stage 4 back in Oct 2012 – & having surgery, chemo,radio & brachy – all of which ended July 2013. Your sense of humour is so similar to mine also, you really say it like it is sometimes – no need to skirt around the truth of it!

    • Hi Sharon , thanks for your comment. Glad to have put a smile on your face, you sound like you’ve been through the mill. Fingers crossed that they’ve poisoned and zapped you to complete remission. Pop by again! X

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