3 month check up.

3 month check up on Friday . Mathematicians amongst us will realise that 5 take away 1 makes 4 not 3 but hey.

Check up consisted of an ultrasound scan externally and internally. Also a visual internal inspection!

Sonographer was lovely. Yet one more person who has had a close up look at my nethers! I had been told previously that Nick had to remove a lot of my vagina. Wasn’t really prepared for how much!! Sonographer measured it for me. There isn’t a lot left!

I learnt that ovaries are the size of an almond (shell on) way smaller than I thought. She could only find one and also found fluid on the scan.

The empty area where all of my reproductive organs were is now called a vault. I find that mildly amusing. Not sure why. My vault looks good as does my now very short vagina.

The fluid is a concern and I have to go back in 6 weeks as opposed to 12 weeks to have it all repeated.

In other news I’ve moved house. I now have a beautiful view to gaze at and neighbours who don’t wish me dead. Got to be a winner.


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