It’s been a while.

Seems a very long time since I added anything here.

So physical update first.

I had my appointment with the Urology Consultant today. A very nice man!

He’s pretty happy with me and has said I only need to self catherterise once a day now. As I have my 3rd UTI since the op he has prescribed a daily low dose of antibiotics to hopefully prevent them from returning.

I hope anyone reading this after a Radical Hysterectomy gets hope that their bladder may well get back to ‘normal’ if it is currently playing up. There were times when I seriously thought I’d be needing a bag/catheter for the rest of my life. So massive PHEW! for that one.

Wound is now a scar. Took a while to heal properly, I’m sure due in no small part to my rotund belly!

I haven’t tried out my new vagina yet. I’m open to offers for help on that one! Sense of humour and a small penis a requisite !!

Emotionally I’m a bit all over the place. This apparently is very common. I’m going with it for now. I have had a initial appointment with a local Cancer counselling charity and hope to have more sessions soon. I can slag off all the people who were crap for me in the privacy of a counselling room and have a good cry too of course.

I only have 2 outstanding things to deal with now. I have been referred by my GP to a skin clinic to have a thing on my ankle looked at, I am not worried about this at all.

I also have my MRI on my spine On my first MRI a lesion was seen on my spine and needs investigating. All medical people are saying it is probably nothing to worry about. I have convinced myself I have spinal cancer. I’ve postponed it twice and have been told politely that they will not postpone it again.

I read another blog the other day and the blogger used the term ‘scanxiety’

I relate!


Lego MRI Scanner Brilliance!


This came on my FB feed and too brilliant not to put here! From Royal Berks Hospital. I especially love that the operator has a cuppa! My next MRI 29th March. Deep Joy!


Yesterday I was back at RUH for my TWOC (Trying without catheter) appointment. The Urology nurses at Bath are absolutely fantastic. There were 3 men ‘TWOCing’ too. It’s slightly weird as we all know what we are there for, armed with our respective bottles and pans. It’s hard not to look questioningly at someone when they walk back into the waiting area. Everyone starts off very quiet but by the end of the day we were all having a little cheer, or ‘Better Luck next time’ depending on our peeing ability. All the men were post-op for Prostate cancer. A happy little quad of cancer survivors who now just had to learn to pee again.

My first pee was very mediocre. Coming in at about 150 mls. I put this down to the fact that I had emptied my bladder via the catheter on arrival at hospital. It’s a long journey there especially in morning rush hour.

My second wee was a far more respectable 450ml and the flow rate was off the scale.

My third wee was pretty good too measuring 400ml and again with a good flow.

Ann the lovely nurse said that it was all positive. I had a choice. I could go home and come back and be re taught self catherisation if I had any problems or she could teach me again then so I was tooled up ready to go home.

Now if you remember I had huge issues with self catherterising before. Physically I am much more flexible and my swollen stomach is now just fat! I guess no-one really wants to stick something up their uretha but I went with the learn now just in case option. I managed it but voided 400ml of urine. Not good. It would appear that my bladder can’t empty itself properly and I will have to empty it manually 2 or 3 times a day. Technical term Intermittent Self Catherterisation or ISC. My new catheters are longer and I have nicknamed them Mozarellas as they come in a liquid filled packet. I’m doing ok with them.

So I am now ‘under’ urology as well as gyne. Holby City and Casualty viewing will never be the same again.