24 days

24 days since my catheter was put back in. What I wasn’t told was that a part of it had to be changed every 5-7 days.

I found out by googling after receiving yet another course of antibiotics for Water Infections. So armed with this new knowledge I rang the GP. ‘No’ says GP, we can’t prescribe you that part you need to speak to hospital. Hospital says ‘No we can’t give you that part, you have to speak to District Nurses’

Now I was told by a rather stuck up practice nurse that I could not have a District Nurse as I wasn’t housebound. 

No-one told me that the District Nurses run a cathter clinic and they were in charge of all supplies needed. This may of been why the pharmacy had no supplies in stock. The Pharmacy didn’t think to mention to me that the District Nurses dealt with it all.

So I finally get to speak to a real life District Nurse after going round the houses of the NHS. They don’t hold the supplies either. But they will order them all for me and they will be delivered to my house. They also told me that they run a catheter clinic. Shame not one of the MANY nhs people I’ve seen since February 1st thought to mention that to me.

So today I recieved from Parcelforce a HUGE box of supplies. 24 days after I had my catheter put back in. If I hadn’t googled about my water infection I would be none the wiser that I needed this part changed every 5-7 days.

How can they get it SO wrong ?????






One thought on “24 days

  1. Bloody Hell …. This makes me so angry !
    How can they miss something so basic ?
    Well done for sorting it out on your own.
    This new info should help the recovery to go a bit smoother.

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