No Radio.


Today I had my appointment with the Radiotherapy Oncologist. I went ready for a fight. I had decided long ago that I didn’t want Radiotherapy, and my mind hadn’t meandered from that decision. I thought today there would be an attempt to persuade me to have it. Which is why, if truth be told, I wanted to go in on my own.

It was a pleasant surprise for Dr Penny to agree with my decision.

Radiotherapy of the vagina is pretty grim. The rays have to go through your bladder on the way in, through your vagina, and out through your bowels on the way out. The side effects for your bladder are incontinence and persistant urinary tract infections. I had already been warned that as I still have a catheter it would be very unpleasant.

The vagina fuses shut. You have to insert vaginal dilators to reopen your vagina and to keep it open.

Your bowels are affected as is your rectum. You suffer from diarrhea and an friend who has gone through this says it is like ‘Shitting scalpels’

Add to that 4 weeks of travelling to Bath every day (Possibly shitting and pissing yourself on the way!)

So I’m mighty glad she agreed with my decision.

There is a 10% chance the cancer will come back. Radio would of reduced that chance but not eradicated the chance of it returning completely.

She said that some in my position would be going for Radiotherapy, but I think I’ve made the right decision.

It wasn’t an easy one to make.


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