It’s a new dawn…It’s a new day…..

And I’m feeling good.

I have some alone time! Don’t seem to have had a lot of that recently. Son went off to school today thanks to a friend picking him up, just had a laugh with another friend who popped in, she has now left for work. Now I have a few hours before a cleaner arrives and an appointment with the practice nurse later.

Yesterday I was supposed to be at hospital for my Radiotherapy Consultation. I made the decision that I’ve had enough for now. I am certainly not in the right frame of mind to deciede if I want further treatment. So I have postponed that appointment for a fortnight. Hopefully I will be feeling stronger mentally and physically by then and can give the proposals more considered thought.

For now I’m going to take a very long overdue shower, put some make up on, and try and do ‘normal’ !


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