Bloody Brilliant Bladder (Part 2)


A little while after my first epic wee I felt I needed a poo. I told the amazing sister Jackie and she said just go the loo and do it! Obviously you can’t have a poo in the high tech ‘potty’.

I had another epic wee with my poo, but it couldn’t be measured and they wouldn’t take my word for it. Before all this happened I was a ‘Only poo at home’ kind of person. How things can change!!

So I had to start all over again. Not exactly a hardship to sit around drinking coffees with a water chaser, idly flicking thru magazines. I was informed that during the next wee I’d have to catch a sample to test for infection. Getting a UTI (Urinary tract infection) is pretty common when you’ve had a catheter for a while. My third wee wasn’t read properly by the machine. I think it only measured what happened before I caught the rest. Anyways I was told it wasn’t good enough and to have some lunch and persevere! Good news being that there was no infection present.

I realised after this that I needed to play the long game. I decided I wouldn’t go again until I was busting, then they could really get a good reading. Eventually I felt the time was right and another nurse took me into the room and told me I was good to go. I smugly started knowing this would be THE wee to end all wees. The bloody machine wasn’t on properly and no paper graph came out. I told the nurse when she returned and employing some quick problem solving maths we subtracted the volume of past readings from what was in the jug!

It was a good one! All that had to happen now was a bladder scan to see if my bladder was completely empty. If I wasn’t emptying my bladder completely I would have to self cathterise once a day to make sure it was. Stale urine sitting around in your bladder isn’t good. Unfortunately my bladder lies just behind my wound. The jelly stuff they put on (anyone who’s ever had an ultrasound will know what I mean) stung like hell on my cut. Pushing a scan probe into my wound wasn’t exactly great either. In fact my wound bled a little. The bad news was that just over 200ml of fluid was still in my bladder. They called the sister in and she took us all to the ‘super dooper’ scanner. This showed that my bladder had 4ml of wee in it, less than a teaspoon! Hurrah. The fluid that the other scan had picked up was the fluid that is still behind my wound from the op.

The scan picture clearly shows a small black ‘circle’ my bladder and above it the thick black line which is the fluid behind my wound, which in time will be absorbed by my body.

I’m not ashamed to say I cried. Tears of pure joy and gave the sister a hug!!

As I waited in the cafe for my friend and my son to pick me up I told at least 2 strangers that I could wee again.

All appears to be working well and as one friend so eloquently said ‘Just need to sort your vag out now!’


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