State of Play.

I have in my possession an A4 envelope, both sides covered in notes taken by my friend at my consultant appointment last week. She is the minute taker extraordinaire. She wishes she’d bought her laptop.

They deserve to be typed up and put somewhere…..what better place than here!!

The type of cancer I had was a type of skin cancer of the cervix. Squamous is it’s name. It is one of the most common types of cervical cancer.

It had not spread, all other tissue and lymph nodes that were removed were clear of cancer.

The tumour had got into some vessels but had not spread to lymphs which suggests that the cancer could not survive in my body outside of the tumour.

I am in remission. It may come back it may not. If it does come back it is unlikely to come back in another site in my body. This is becasue whilst the tumour was big, it had not spread. If it does come back it is most likely to come back where it was. Seeing as I don’t have a cervix anymore, or pretty much anything down there, if it comes back it will be in my vagina.

The tumour was found to be 1mm from growing into bladder. It was 37mm large.

The nerves feeding my bladder were growing through the tumour and had to be cut when the tumour was removed. Also the tissue and ‘stuff’ taken out of me, has left a void, which means that the bladder is less supported internally. Also my bladder had been so stretched due to the amount of pee inside me it has lost it’s elasticity. My bladder is the biggest concern for the Docs and me at the moment. For now it needs to rest hence the continuing ccatheter.

Back to the cancer….There is a chance it will come back. These chances can be reduced by having radiotherapy. The dosage would be low and would only need to treat a relatively small area. I would have it every day, once a day for a month. Side effects – Would substantially effect bladder. The bladder would become very irritated and sore. If I was still needeing a catheter it would be very uncomfortbale. Bowels are at risk of being affected. Chronic squits being the main issue. The vagina can shrink substantially. It basically fuses shut. It may recover a bit with the use of vaginal dilators. If I decide to have radiotherapy it will not be for 6-8 weeks as I need to recover physically and physcologically first. Chemo is not an option as I don’t need to treat my whole body.

The stage of my tumour was 2A1.I will be under surveillance for 5 years. The first two years 3 monthly appointments. Next year 6 monthly, next two years annually.

If it comes back I will most likely be treated with Radiotherapy.

They have discovered, via the MRI scan that I have a hole in a veterbrae. It has probably been there since birth. There is also a cyst on this veterbrae. This box needs to be ticked to show it is indeed a harmless cyst. Consultant very confident it is nothing to worry about but needs to be identified as it will always queried in the future if not.

Actual wound healing fantastically well.

Future Appointments

Tomorrow. All day at RUH urology department. The bladder guys!! They will see if it is working, will ever work again, etc etc etc.

Next Monday…Meeting with Penny Radiation Oncologist to discuss Radiotherapy. Nick has left me ready to rock and roll if I choose Radiotherapy. Titanium in my fanny marking the spot, ovaries hoiked up to protect them and a layer of fat put over my bowels to act as a protective buffer. Clever, clever man.

Saturday 3rd Feb MRI scan to ascertain what the thing on my spine is.

So not over yet!!


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