So this is how this bonkers ride has panned out. Hold on tight it moves quick!!

6.12.13 Sitting in cafe with friend when I think I see an old boyfriend walk past. Isn’t him but makes me text him.
9.12.13 Have sex with old boyfriend (First time I’ve had sex in over 4 years) Bleed badly. Have had some minor symptoms before but had dismissed them as menopause/age etc etc. Not had a smear in YEARS.
10.12.13 Ring Doc’s for appointment, get one that afternoon as someone has just cancelled.(I’ve just rung for appointment and been offered one for Feb 6th…so whoever cancelled that day. THANKYOU) Examined by Doc.I know from her reaction something is very wrong. She refers me to Oncology at Bath RUH.
12.12.13 Doc rings me at home. Whilst she doesn’t confirm cancer (she can’t) her call confirms to me that something very serious is up. Start Blog.
18.12.13 Consultant confirms I have Cervical cancer. Biopsy taken
23.12.13 CT scan. A friend paid for this. If she hadn’t it would of not been done until New Year. This is very relevant as will become clear later.
24.12.13 Consultant rings and tells me that cancer has not spread and is of average aggressiveness.
27.12.13 Consultant appointment to discuss options. Awaiting MRI scan to see if in Lymph nodes. If not Operation if it is radiotherapy and chemo.
30.12.13 MRI scan
2.1.14 MRI results show not in Lymphs. Op booked for 9th Jan
3.1.14 Pre Op assesment at RUH. Meeting with Consultant to discuss Op.
6.1.14 Blood tests at GP.
9.1.14 Operation
15.1.14 Come home
16.1.14 Re Admitted
17.1.14 Come home
22.1.14 Told I am clear of cancer. Tumour was 1mm yes 1mm away from my bladder. 1mm more and I would of had bladder cancer too! Tumour was 37 mm big. 40mm is the kind of cut off point for VERY grim news.

Whilst the shag I had on the 9th Dec wasn’t the best I’ve ever had for obvious reasons! It will definately be the most memorable!!

So thank you for the coffee in the cafe!
Thankyou for the bloke who looked like ex who walked past!
Thank you for the other bloke in my life at the time who was faffing about and made me want to ring ex!
Thank you to the person who cancelled that appointment that day.
Thank you to my friend who asked if I could have a private CT scan (Wouldn’t of crossed my mind)
Thank you to the friend who paid for it
Thank you to every single one of you who has, text me, rung me, liked a status on fb, given me lifts, got me shopping, looked after my son, given me a hug, accompanied me to appointments, visited me, sent me cards, contacted me via any electronic means!! Sometimes a simple ‘x’ can be all you need to feel you’re not alone! etc etc etc.

It’s been a crazy old ride…..it’s not over yet…..but I’m back in the driving seat.

Thank you all.

For the one’s who didn’t do any of the above. Well. I always knew it would sort the wheat from the chaff. Have a good life.


3 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Thanks for the brilliant recap !
    And thanks for sharing your journey.
    Bloody great end to it !!
    So happy for you.
    So now you just go for 3 month checks etc ?
    I suppose that means your blogging career is over ?
    How you gonna celebrate ?

  2. Hmmm…Not out of the woods just yet.
    Have minor issue of a bladder that doesn’t work to sort out!!
    Also have appointment booked to see Radiotherapy Oncologist to discuss whether I have a course of radiotherapy.
    Also they have found on one of my scans that I have a hole in one of my verterbrae and need another MRI to have a closer look at that.
    So, blogging will continue….but celebration planning will commence as soon as I am feeling 100% again. xx

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