Surgery 3 9th Jan 2014

The next 5 hours I was luckily oblivious to what went on!!
If you have a stronger stomach tham me you can google ‘radical hysterectomy’ and find out more!

I do know that the Nick used a harmonic scalpel. I googled this last night and it looks a high tech bit of kit.

I don’t recomend googling images of it though!!! Most of them are of it ‘in use’

My lovely friend posted on fb at around 5.20 that I was out of theatre. So in all the operation took 5 hours. Pretty major!

The next thing I knew was waking up in the recovery suite. I had an AMAZING recovery nurse. I think his name was Luke. My blood pressure was very low. I was still pretty out of it, but I know he worked very hard looking after me. Thank you.

I eventually left the recovery suite at around 9pm.

And from there it all went rapidly downhill.

I was taken to my ward. The very first thing that happened to me was a Health Care assistant came to hook me up to monitors. SHe tossed the clip that goes on your finger to measure oxygen saturation and the blood pressure cuff onto my belly like I was a handy table. I wasn’t impressed.

I have to make a decision here whether I am going to bitch and moan about the very small minority of people who did things wrong during my stay. I don’t think I’ll go too far down that path here. My friends have heard my moans. It just seemed such a crying shame after 14 hours of exemplerary care that this marked my arrival onto the ward.

The bay I was in was a 4 bed ward and incredibly noisy. My curtains were pulled but I could here all sorts of wailing and screaming. Luckily at this point I was hooked up to a morphine pump so i kept happily pressing away and just lay there, ever so slightly off my head, thinking that I must be really lucky not be in much pain as all those other guys. It wasn’t until the next day I realised the source and reasons for all the noise.


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