Bitch and Moan

This post is me having a political vent.

Any teacher will know that targets are an important and integral part of teaching. Children are set, and set their own targets from the word go. These are measured, tweaked, challenged, and hopefully reached day after day.

Most targets are academic, but there will be behaviour targets too.

These targets are filtered down from government. The government KNOWS what the children in my class need to achieve. New directives come through thick and fast. Teachers themselves are set targets, because the government KNOWS what makes a good teacher.

Hours are spent ‘ticking boxes’ making sure we let the people who KNOW that we are doing all we can to get our kids to hit their targets.

I’m not so aware of the targets in the NHS. I’m sure they have to follow the same old rigmarole that teachers do.

Now here is where it gets tricky. I agree there has to be some targets. 7 years at Priamry school playing rounders and painting may sound fab (to me at least) but we have to do the 3R’s surely.

I believe that GOOD taechers instinctively know what a class or kid needs. That may be, at that exact time in their lives a bit of TLC or even some tough love. It may be a building of trust in a damaged child. It may simply be getting a child to stop nearly killing everyone else every playtime. You get the idea.

I’m guessing it’s the same or at least similar with nursing. I’m guessing that most nurses would of known instinctively that putting me in the ward bay I was in was a BAD idea. I’m guessing most nurses would know that having a mixed gynea and old peoples ward is a bad idea full stop. I wasn’t good for me, it wasn’t good for the other patients and it certainly wasn’t good for the staff.

So who can I be mad with? The nurses? The Doctors? The managers who just adhere to the targets? The Government?
No-one? Everyone? Anyone?

I got a bed. Tick. There wasn’t a bed lying empty. Tick.

What doesn’t get measured is that due to the fact that I was so desparate to get way from the outer rings of hell that I left hospital too early.

This resulted in an emergency home visit from my GP, a visit from a district nurse, calls to 111, calls from out of hours doctors, emergency ambulance call out, 3 hours in A and E (and I mean actually IN A&E, not the waiting room!) and another admission to the ward.

So ‘Mr NHS target ticker/money saver’

Your strategy saved you bugger all………..Just saying.


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