Surgery 2 9th Jan 2014


I think very shortly after my 11.33 fb status update I was taken into the anesthesia room.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I tend to gabble when I get nervous. And boy was I nervous.

I asked if they threw away the MAHOOSIVE measuring type jugs and syringes that I saw as they would be epic for school. I offered to meet the aneathetist for a Costas when I found out he lived in the same town as me. Wanting to know what tunes would be on in theatre ….you get the picture??? I absolutely cracked up when the young male health care assistant asked me in a thick foreign accent what my favourite position was. Oh deary deary me.

I think it may be medically known as hysteria!

I was given many injections, bloods taken and a giant canula put in my left hand. I was also told that I would have an arterial something or other put in my left arm as my blood pressure wasn’t as they wished but this would be done when I was under as it was a pretty grim procedure.

As I continued to gabble on and on two female aneathetists gave me the epidural. It’s not nice, but luckily you can’t see what they are doing. Very shortly after I had to lay flat while I could still move my legs. I was asked shortly after if I could lift my legs and it was impossible. Totally dead.

I don’t actually remember going under, or even being told that I was about to be put under. All I remermber is looking at a huge clock that said 12.05 and saying ‘12.05 I must remember that’


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