Surgery 1 9th Jan 2014

I was hoping to be able to update this from hospital but access to my blog was blocked by the hospital wifi. So I will try my best to tell the story with the help of my, often morphine hazed, memory and some random, possibly morphined induced, text messages, skype conversations, and facebook status’s.

I’m sure it will all come out a bit disjointed but it’s important for me to get up to date, as I want the blog to flow chronologically. I also know that some of this info may well be too much information for some. However I have taken huge comfort from reading of others experiences going through this experiene. So if it helps just one person…..job done!

Right so…….

I wake up very early on Thursday morning at my friends house. Have a quick shower and then have a have chat with my friend in Australia over facebook. She tells me to get to bed and get some sleep. I tell her I’m up, showered, and ready to go. It’s about 5.30am.

I have 3 cigarettes in my packet. I tell myself that that is all I will have before my op! I manage to squeeze them all in before 7.30am.

We arrive at the hospital at around 7.30 am and go to the Pre Op suite. Akin to a airport departure lounge with a large central waiting area, and separate rooms around the edges. There are possibly 30 people all waiting for ops of all types.

First facebook status of the morning said this.

‘Just had meeting with anaesthetist as I am ‘too short for my weight’ and other bits and bobs I’ll be having an epidural before being zonked out. I asked if he knew what he was doing and he said he’d read at least the first two pages of the manual! Op is supposed to take 4 hours. Will be in 5-7 days min. No flowers allowed. Visiting from 11-8pm. Will be in Waterhouse or Charlotte ward’

The epidural was news to me. I had an epidural when I had my son. It’s pretty scary, but you just have to roll with it! The reasoning behind it is that it will give residual pain relief after the aneasthtic wears off. I think my aneathetist thought I was a little mad when I said ‘You are going to knock me out as well!!’

Second fb status of morning says…
‘Meeting with registrar who is supporting nick with op. Everyone I’ve met describes Nick as mad as a box of frogs and he apparently bounces around theatre like tigger! I like !! Have put request in for Tummy tuck while they are at it!’

Nick being Mr Nicholas Johnson – Senior gyneacological oncology consultant. Just so he is given the respect he deserves. But to me – Nick.

3rd Status…

‘My lucky number! Still waiting….seen pharmacist and nurse….. Oh and nick! All good!’

(There’s a photo of the plastic box of notes for Theatre 6 here, but I cant mke it get her now…will later!)

Final facebook status of the morning….

‘Really bored now 11.33’

Accompanied by a rather fetching photo of me in my hospital gown and surgical stockings.

That’s it for now…off for a cuppa……more to follow.


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