For Phyllis


I am home after my operation. I will write about that at a later date. But for now I want to write about this extraordinary lady who has touched my heart.

I was in a 4 bed ward. The other three beds were taken up for the latter part of my stay by 3 ladies in their 90’s. Two were 92, one 97. Quite how anyone thought that combination would be good for my recovery I am still pondering.

Phyllis had the bed opposite me and was a cracker! Still mobile with the use of her frame, still with a twinkle in her eyes. We had some lovely chats. I stuck up for her against some horrendously bullish ‘carers’. She told me today that whatever was wrong with her she would not be having treatment. She was too old to be pulled about, and she had had a good life.

She told me about the love of her life, her children, her garden; her favourite flowers are pink irises. We discussed what was the optimum age to ‘go’ was as we shared chocolate biscuits and jelly babies.

We both banked on around 80. She urged me to fight my cancer and have the best possible life I could have.

So tonight Phyllis, as I am at last in my own bed, I hope with all my might that tonight is your last night there and you get home tomorrow. We both saw and heard things we should never of had to and you helped get me through it.

I will be planting some Irises just for you. xxx


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