To do list.

I’m in a bad mood today so this may get angry.

I got angry with a poor girl in Wilkos at the weekend. She pulled a face when I asked for another bag so I read her her fortune. Dawdling drivers get the full force my horn of late. I am a woman on the edge!!

I knew today would be a nightmare. That first day back at school day. Early start after a holiday of late nights. Thankfully I didn’t have to get myself to work as well!

It took a looooong time to get my son into school today…it’s stress I don’t need.

I need to take all the Christmas decorations down.

I need to renew my car insurance.

I need to get to the bank in person.

I need to do a food shop.

I need to buy a dressing gown and slippers!

I need to clean out the rabbit.

I need to clear up after my cat, who returned a week ago after being missing for 3 and a half weeks. He has forgotten what you need to do when you need a shit.

I don’t need to walk the dog…he is on holidays with my amazing friend..Love you. x

I need to pack a hospital bag.

I need to do ironing.

I need to clean out the fridge.

I need to go to the dump because my bins are heaving.

I need to dye my hair.

I need to shave my legs and paint my toenails.

I need to be a mum.

Today I spent my precious ‘child free’ hours like this……3 hours getting my son into school. 1 hour at Docs having blood tests (Had to go in my arm twice as 1st vein didn’t work) Half an hour walking around the house wondering where to start. 2 hours in bed. My son came home to find me fast asleep, sideways, with the pile of clean ironed clothes by my side. I remember thinking I’d have a 5 minute lie down. He woke me up, but left me there for another couple of hours.

Bad Mood.

I need to cook tea.


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