Bit of Education!

I’m having this done…..(Radical Hysterectomy)

and this……

and while searching for above found this!!! Parked here for reading at a later date….looks excellent.

Happy Reading.


2 thoughts on “Bit of Education!

  1. Hi Julia,

    Glad you found my blog. I had seen yours already as I get the posts from MacMillan. You will see that my blog started it’s life on the Macmillan website, but I moved across to wordpress too.

    You clearly share my strange desire to write to the world when diagnosed! But hopefully it helps.

    Fingers crossed for you, and I will keep an eye on your blog.

    Cheers, Kath

  2. Hi Kath,

    I’m loving your blog too. Never in a million years would I think that I would be making friends over the internet with fellow cervical cancer bloggers. It all just adds to the whole bonkers ride this is. I find writing really helps and also it’s a really lazy way of keeping friends up to date………

    All the best to you! Power to your elbow! And all those other cliches!

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