Looonnngggg day and lllooooonnnggg vagina.

I spent nearly 5 hours at RUH today. Add on an hour journey each way. Pah!

First off meeting with Consultant and Macmillan Nurse. Discussing risk factors of Op. I know they have to make me aware of the risks but, as I have said before, I am hardly in a position to refuse it!

I will be having a radical hysterectomy. Trust me to be radical 😉 and a Lymphadenectomy. Fun,fun,fun ! This Op will take 4 hours. Hope the surgeon has a snack first!

After hearing all the things that could possibly go wrong. I went off for my pre op assessment. Totally humiliated when a woman in the waiting room asked if my friend was my daughter! She is actually 7 months older than me…..I must be looking haggared.

Had bloods taken, more flipping needles!, blood pressure, weight and height…that cancer diet isn’t as effective as I thought it was…and ECG.

A day of faff arseing around.

We returned to the carpark (£6 each,,,the hidden cost of cancer!) and my mate had left her lights on all day. Luckily her old ….and it really is old….car started first time. Das Auto indeed!

On the way home I had to pop in to my doctors to arrange another blood test for early next week.

I asked if my GP was available. I received in the post this morning a copy of the letter she had been sent from the consultant. It confirmed what I knew all along….that she knew from the get go that it was cancer. It also confirmed in writing what I was told on my first consultant visit and I quote ‘owing to her increased BMI and long vagina ………’ So there you have it. Every cloud and all that! My GP was available and I went in, gave her a hug, and had a quick chat. Don’t think I’ve ever given a GP a hug before, but then again in the last 3 weeks there’s been a lot of things I’ve never done before!


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