Fulham 2 West Ham 1 (And me on match of the day!)


4 thoughts on “Fulham 2 West Ham 1 (And me on match of the day!)

  1. Oh Julia; I’m not very techical so am trying to work my way around your blog but this post really touched me, I always see you as my little (2nd) cousin running around to join in with me jan, peter & Davids games & of course I knew you were a teacher & great mummy to Max as my dad was way better with keeping in touch than me! But I am sooo glad we’re back in touch & it wasn’t the csncer but a photo of the sea I took that resumed close contact, which I’m glad of as a diagnosis can bring people out of the woodwork

  2. Lovely to back in touch too. I will get to come see you by the sea! Or we can meet up in London for old times sake! Your Dad was Max’s surrogate Grandad. Never missed a birthday or Christmas. God rest his soul! x

    • Sorry was continuing my loooong post then I saw your reply x
      Dad really loved you & Max & had photos up in his lounge which he was so proud of 🙂 Dads alcoholism oviously caused some problems but you & your mum mantained contact which meant so much x, would be sooo nice to meet up, can meet anyone that suits you, take care xxx

  3. Sorry Julia, ran out of space, talking too much! Dad used to say it’s a Tugwell thing!!! X
    anyhow just wanted to say I think you’re AMAZING & I am humbled by your strength & humour xxx

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