I had my consultant appointment today. My consultant was in surgery so met Senior Consultant instead, along with Jane my Macmillan nurse and my friend.

Was generally very positive, cancer seems to be confined to cervix. He is hoping to be able to completely remove by surgery. However if there are any abnormalities with MRI scan, or small bits of cancer are found elsewhere Radiotherapy and Chemo will come into play. No new news really. It did come home and look up what radiotherapy of the cervix entails….it’s not great!!

The whole thing is becoming totally knackering. The travelling to and from hospital, the lack of sleep, the emotional weariness. So tonight I am feeling a bit bluergh!

One blip in all the positive news I did get today…….I was strongly advised to give up smoking.


Next trip 30th December MRI Scan.


One thought on “Bluergh!

  1. Hi Julia,
    (This is more a message for you than to be posted but don’t have your direct email!)
    This site might be useful

    Especially the bit about benefit money and free prescriptions-I’m sure your macmillan nurse has given you this and will support with the form however I am a dab hand at these, from both previous job and my current situation, if you want a hand filling it in. I know there is a fast track section on the form.

    Keep strong we are all supporting you, Claire x

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