Happy Christmas.


I had made my mind up when I woke up this morning that Cancer was going to take a back seat until the 27th. About an hour later my Consultant rang.

Quick, short, update of facts!!

Cancer has not spread from Pelvis. This is very good. It kills you by getting in your lungs and liver.
My cancer is of average aggressiveness.

Will need MRI Scan to see if it is Lymph Nodes as this will further determine treatment.

Over the bloody moon.

I’m off to celebrate Christmas. Have a good one everybody. Live your lives. xx


3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas.

  1. Hasn’t spread from Pelvis …. Epic !
    Average aggressiveness…. Awesome !
    All good news so far 🙂
    Told ya you were gonna beat it.
    Enjoy your Christmas as much as you can
    Em x

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