Very wired living off adreneline, caffiene, nicotine and not much sleep.

Have a seemingly ok Consultant. Young tall dark and handsome!

Conversation went a little like this

‘I am shitting myself. I have convinced myself I’m fucked and I have 6 months to live’

‘Will you let me be the one to deciede whether you are fucked or not’

‘Yeah Ok’

History taken…..examination was completed.

Looked in the eyes and told.

‘You have cervical cancer but I don’t think you’re fucked’

Like his style.

Biopsy results coming 27th Dec. CT scan booked for Monday 23rd – can get results from this on Christmas Eve (Er No!) So will get all results on 27th.

If cancer is not in Lymph nodes – Hysterectomy, Radiotherapy, Chemo.

If cancer is in Lymph nodes – Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

Off to bed with a sleeping tablet…..going to take a while to sink in.

Happy Fucking Christmas.





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