Some answers.

This afternoon I had a long standing appointment with the Doctors (not the one I saw last week) for minor surgery to remove a skin cyst. I think he was a little shocked when I walked in and said ‘You’re not taking off my cyst you are going to talk to me about my Oncology appointment tomorrow’

He was able to answer some questions and prescribe me some much needed sleeping tablets.

He has confirmed that an STI is so unlikely that it is basically not worth considering. Bye Bye gonorrhea.

He has confirmed that it may be nothing to worry about at all. (Too late Mate)

He was talking ‘blind’ and I wasn’t going to let him have a gawp. It would of been pointless and I’m going to get pulled about enough tomorrow as it is. The notes say that a cervical fistula was seen. Lovely google says…..cervical fistula,

‘an abnormal passage from the cervix to the vagina or bladder. It may be caused by a malignant lesion, radiotherapy, surgical trauma, or injury during childbirth. A cervical fistula communicating with the bladder permits leakage of urine, causing irritation, odor, and embarrassment. See also branchial fistula.’
So that doesn’t really help one way or another, though I had a very traumatic birth with my son, so maybe just that, maybe not, who knows.
I had questions about tomorrow. The least is a biopsy and internal exam. The Oncologists maybe able to say tomorrow if it is cancer or not. The results of the biopsy will take 2/3 days but experience and knowledge MAY be able to trump lab results.
If it is cancer, I will go back for further tests to see how far it has spread. This will involve, bloods, MRI and possibly an examination under aneasthetic (EUA) I’m getting educated with the lingo.
If cancer is detected hysterectomy is very likely and Doc explained that they operate belt and braces approach so Radiotherapy is very likely and Chemo likely.
If I need surgery this normally takes place 2 weeks after initial hospital visit.
Hopefully then I will be able to spend Christmas at home, not recovering from Surgery, and really really hoping I can celebrate Christmas cancer free.
My appointment tomorrow is 3.20. Fingers crossed eh!






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